Story of JAGA Outfits – How they Grow With RentMy

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case study on JAGA Outfits rental business

If you have enough dedication and passion you can do anything and nothing is impossible for you!!! Can’t believe it??? 

Yes, it’s true, and there are countless examples around you. You just need to sneak peek at your surroundings to be inspired by them. 

Today, I would like to talk about the story of an entrepreneur who faced a lot of challenges to survive in this competitive marketplace. Finally, he has been able to overcome his situation and ensure the digital existence of his business. 

Curious to know how? Okay, let’s start to explore it. 

JAGA – Wedding Outfits eCommerce Website

Michel Jolicoeur, the proprietor of JAGA, offers the perfect ensemble for customers (for rent and purchase) no matter what the occasion. 

Founded in 1996 and purchased by its new owners in 2008, Michel and his wife stock designer party gowns and distinctive costumes to serve customers in Montreal, Quebec, Canada market with truly unique options.

Challenges that Faced JAGA

As JAGA’s inventory exceeded ten thousand products, the business sought a program that could not only keep track of the rental cycle for each item but also open a new sales channel (online ordering) to support the growing business.

Prior to upgrading RentMy, JAGA used an expensive and inflexible system for inventory management.  As the time was nearing to buy yet another update to the old system, Michel began to seek other options, including those that would offer real-time inventory tracking, synced in-store and online availability, and include a full-featured point of sale (POS) system.

Michel also could not capture a vast amount of audience because he did not have any social integration system. Since they didn’t have a website or digital presence, they couldn’t get online bookings or manage orders properly. 

JAGA’s customers are (mostly) located in Canada, it is important that Michel had the ability to control the text and currency options on his eCommerce website (to permit his customers to transact in Canadian French). But they did not have these kinds of opportunities. 

In these circumstances, Michel was hunting for a solution to overcome his situation and he had reached out to RentMy.

JAGA Turns into the Next Level – BUT HOW???

After reaching out to RentMy, they have developed an SEO-friendly website. Consequently, they can be able to receive or handle all online bookings or orders simultaneously. 

Although RentMy offers various methods to book real, paid orders for customers, JAGA uses the RentMy Point of Sale (POS) system to take reservations and make sales.

After integrating with RentMy, they have been able to handle multiple payment methods from a single place, because RentMy offers multiple payment methods. The managers appreciate the option to select the method of payment tendered.

Most significantly, they have got a complete inventory management system. As a result, they can easily manage their products. The complementary eCommerce website shows up-to-the-second product availability for all products in JAGA’s inventory, ensuring that no item is double-booked or oversold. 

No matter how the sale is made, the RentMy order management system provides at-a-glance status for all orders, including payment status and, in the case of rentals, start and end dates. 

Growth & Opportunities

Since switching to RentMy, JAGA has experienced improved sales management and has also elevated the business’s search engine ranking.  

According to the report of Statista

“The growth rate of the eCommerce industry is around 50% and it would be reached almost 7.4 trillion dollars by 2025.”

Thus, it is clear that this is one of the growing industries and they can easily boost their revenue if they maintain all aspects of their business. 

Despite the cancelation/postponement of many of the events that JAGA serves (parties, weddings, proms, etc.), the company has experienced improvements in all aspects of its business.

Since they integrate RentMy, they can grab another trendy opportunity, which is the rental business, along with the eCommerce business

RentMy provides a complete Rental Management System to operate the overall operation of your business. This strategy may change the dimension of their business and it will aid to grow their business revenue as well.   

‘’I have not only found software, I have found in RentMy an essential partner in the vision and viable solutions for the future of my business.’’– Michel Jolicoeur


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