Winning Marketing Plans for Your Local Bounce House Rental Company

1. Executive Summary Welcome to the winning marketing plan foryour local bounce house rental company. In today’s competitive market, it’s essential to have a well-thought-out marketing strategy to reach your target audience effectively and increase revenue. This comprehensive plan outlines key strategies to achieve your marketing objectives. 2. Situation Analysis Market Overview The bounce house […]

What do we recommend for Starting an Equipment rental business?

start an equipment rental business

Related Posts: Did You Like the Post? Share it: Explore the Content: Is Starting an Equipment rental business your next goal? You are in the right place. With these pointers, you’ll be off to a wonderful start! Whether you wish to hire out photography equipment, bikes, luxury automobiles, or party supplies. Our suggestions will assist […]

A Definitive Guide to Add Sub-Renting to a Rental Business

rental software for small business

Related Posts: Did You Like the Post? Share it: Are you familiar with the concept of sub-renting? Before knowing the sub-renting concept, you have to understand the concept of the rental business. Do you have any rental business? If so, the sub-renting concept will bring additional advantages to your rental business. Curious to know how […]

Collect The Right Sales Tax Everytime

We’ve simplified compliance and tax collection/reporting for businesses that dropship rental products all over the country.  Our latest update calculates the sales tax due for any US or Canadian delivery or shipping address. Our hands-free, no coding required, automatically looks up and applies the appropriate sales taxes to orders.  The tax shows in the order cart and […]

Using Intelligent Rental Packages To Grow Your Revenue

Packages, bundles, kits – whatever you call them, the idea has been around for a long time:  Offer groups of products together at a discount to what those items would cost if purchased individually.  Everything from “Happy Meals” to health insurance plans are packages, and they just “work”.  Sure, customers might not want everything that’s […]


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