5 Considerations for Rental Software: Build or Buy?

5 Considerations For Rental Software: Build Or Buy? The age-old question, “Should I build or buy the solution I need for my rental company?” continues to puzzle business owners. Each option has its merits and demerits. Let’s delve into the factors you should ponder before making a decision on whether to invest in a new […]

Why Can’t I Start A Free Trial Without A Demo First?

We are sometimes asked why prospective clients can’t simply start a free trial on their own without first having a demo.  This article explains why we like to speak with clients before we offer access to RentMy. Reason #1: There is no “typical” rental business Our RentMy Pros have served thousands of clients with setting […]

Is Asset Tracking Necessary For Your Equipment Rentals?

In your equipment rental business, you may have two types of inventory (things that you track by “quantity” and things you track by “asset”).  In this article, we will explain the difference and help you understand the benefits (and drawbacks) of each method. Asset & Quantity Tracking – Defined Quantity-tracked items: These are rental products […]

What Are The Options For Offering Online Rentals?

Offering Online Rentals – Which Is Your Best Option? When you’re ready to take your rental business online (for both bookings and order management), you have a few options that we will cover below.  Each option has pros & cons, and RentMy serves clients who use each option.  Let’s dig in to help you find […]

5 Decisions That Are Costing Your Rental Business Money

5 Mistakes That Are Costing Your Rental Business Money Running a rental business involves a lot of decisions.  Whether you’re starting a new rental business or you’re looking to add more profit to your company’s results, below we outline some pivotal decisions that you need to make to optimize earnings.   In this guide, we […]

A Guide to Grow Short-Term Rental Business – 7 Simple Tips

tips for short term rental business

Related Posts: Did You Like the Post? Share it: Any business venture requires significant risk, but entering the short-term rental market can feel like a whole other ballgame. Want to boost your short-term rental business? Discover some lucrative tips for short-term rental business.  Short-term rental demand is already 10% greater than it was prior to the […]

Complete Guide to Equipment Labeling for Rental Equipment

equipment labeling

Related Posts: Did You Like the Post? Share it: The amount of time spent controlling equipment grows quickly as inventory changes and stock levels rise. What therefore constitutes a fruitful inventory management strategy? How do you keep track of your most pricey possessions? And how much equipment labeling enhances the efficiency of your inventory management […]

Best Equipment For Product Photography Including Tips

equipment for product photography

Related Posts: Did You Like the Post? Share it: Explore the Content: When someone has to rent something, there are usually a lot of rental companies they can choose from. It can be challenging to figure out how to stand apart from competitors. In that circumstance, it’s important to conduct product photography for the rental […]


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