We are sometimes asked why prospective clients can’t simply start a free trial on their own without first having a demo.  This article explains why we like to speak with clients before we offer access to RentMy.

Reason #1: There is no “typical” rental business

Our RentMy Pros have served thousands of clients with setting up their eCommerce business for rentals, and we have observed one thing time after time: no rental business operates exactly the same way. 

In order to get the most of your free trial, a knowledgable RentMy Pro will take time to understand your business to make the proper configuration settings for your account.  These setting options may include (but are not limited to):

  • How you track your inventory: Some clients want to track specific assets, while others track pooled inventory.  Some clients want the option to have both. Your RentMy Pro will demonstrate how to add one or both options and provide a model to follow for future inventory items.
  • How to set minimum/maximum rental periods: Some clients require a minimum rental period, while others require that Customers cannot book “non-standard” rental terms or rental periods that exceed a certain length.  Your RentMy Pro will explain how the various rental period options and help you pick the best choice for your business.
  • How to grow your average order value: In addition to the rental fee, what else would you like to charge for (like damage waivers, convenience fees, add-ons, etc)?  Your RentMy Pro will help you to setup these optional (or required) fees to help with maximizing the value of each order.
  • How to setup deposits: Do you really need to charge a deposit on orders? The answer may be yes or no, but regardless of your choice, your RentMy Pro will explain how deposits on the RentMy platform work and how to configure them for each product.

We could go on and on about how different company’s policies and workflows differ from business to business, but without taking the time to understand your business, you will waste money and time.

Reason #2: Optimizing your account with automation

Whether your rental company is brand new or you’ve been around for years, there is most certainly an opportunity to automate core functions that will keep Customers delighted while taking “busy work” out of your day. 

Alerts & Reminders:

The RentMy Customer Contact Suite allows you to establish rules-based alerts and reminders to deflect calls and emails inquiring “do you still have my order”, “when will you get here” and “when are you coming to pick my order”?  Your RentMy Pro will provide instruction for setting up your alerts and reminders to update your individual Customers with specific information about their rental by email, text message/SMS, or both.


Some Customers want to receive a written quote for their event before booking and paying online.  The RentMy online Quotes feature will save your staff from having to take details over the phone and generating a custom quote.  Your RentMy Pro will share how the quoting feature works to allow you to focus on paying Customers.


Do you offer discounts for longer term rentals?  Do you charge more for rentals during your busy season?  Rentals are, by-definition, time-based transactions where pricing fluctuates widely from order to order.  RentMy offers five pricing option configurations to support practically any rental pricing schedule that you offer at your company, from flat-fee rentals to open-ended and everything in between, your RentMy Pro will help you to set the pricing that you want so that RentMy will always collect the right amount for your bookings.


“How much do you charge for delivery?”  Explaining your delivery fees based on order value or delivery distance is time-consuming for you and potentially confusing for Customers.  Why not automate delivery pricing to help your Customer get a clear, definite delivery price no matter where the rental is going.  With tools like minimum delivery fees, maximum delivery distances, shipping fees and special surcharges, RentMy will automate your fulfillment costs to charge the right amount every time.


If your business jurisdiction requires sales taxes on rentals (not all do, by the way), your RentMy Pro can explain how sales taxes are applied to orders and how you can create easy-to-run reports to see how much tax you have collected and to whom those taxes must be paid.

Reason #3: Our Experience will save you time and money

Having been in business for than 15 years and talking with thousands of rental businesses, our RentMy Pros are happy to share the best practices and help you avoid common pitfalls when setting up your business.  Or, if you have served Customers for years and are just not upgrading to an online booking and order management system, the RentMy team can help to ease your migration.

Our RentMy Pros offer years of experience with rental businesses from every imaginable industry.  We have seen a lot and have learned a lot that we can put to use for your business.  Think of it as a free consultant to help you start things off on the right foot. 

As a subscription-based provider, RentMy benefits when our clients benefit. We will answer your questions, help you get setup quickly and will stand behind our solution with live, US-based support when you need us.

In Summary

Ultimately, a guided tour will not only help you get the most of your experience with RentMy but will also save you time with your account setup.  Our objective is to be the last rental management platform you will ever need to help your rental business thrive. We are committed to investing the time to make your business a success.  If you don’t have that same commitment, perhaps RentMy is not right for your business. Are you ready to get the most of your rental company?


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