How To Mark Tools To Prevent Theft – 5 Simple Steps

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how to mark tools to prevent theft

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Have an equipment rental business? Worried about equipment theft protection issues for your rental business? Well, here we review effective ideas to help prevent your equipment rental business from theft.   

The NICB analysis states that heavy equipment has a two-fold increased risk of damage and a five-fold increased risk of theft. Due to the potential financial hardship these losses might have on rental businesses, equipment theft protection is essential. 

Moreover, lower profitability for the company could easily result from the high replacement cost and the revenue lost from current orders due to the equipment’s unavailability. 

In this circumstance, the risk of equipment rental theft might be increased, but the way of recovering is being limited.    

So, let’s jump to the core section of this article.  

5 Effective Ways Mark Tools To Prevent Theft To Your Rental Business

To marking tools to prevent theft in your rental business, you need to include some essential measures in your equipment rental terms and conditions.

Regularly spending a lot of money on new machinery and equipment has a number of hazards in and of themselves, let alone the worry and stress of equipment theft. In this section, you will get the most wanted tips to mark tools to prevent theft to protect your rental business from theft. 

Categorized Your Equipment by Labelling & Tagging

Recognizable identities are required when managing thousands of pieces of equipment. It will be simpler to check in and out the equipment once each component is marked with a distinct identification number.

In this regard, you have to add the proper tag and label to categorize your rental products. It can be highly effective to select a combination of recognizable numbers, logos, color codes, and barcodes. 

Equipment can be instantly distinguished by identification numbers, plainly identified as belonging to a certain company by company logos, and barcodes, which can hold a lot of data and are simple to scan.

Another crucial factor is to label your rental product with some required information. It is crucial to use tamper-evident tags and anti-theft tags to secure your equipment because any effort to remove the label will reveal a unique pattern, signaling a security breach.

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Protect Your Worksites or Warehouses From Intrusion

Equipment left at construction sites or warehouses may be easy pickings for burglars. These locations may experience an increase in equipment theft or misplacement as a result of inadequate security measures. Securing these sites is crucial to reducing the danger of theft.

Another crucial approach for protecting important property is by installing motion detectors and surveillance cameras. During off-peak hours, cameras can be installed in each corner of the equipment storage spaces to capture every move made and prevent theft.

When the equipment is moved during off-hours, motion detectors can assist in detecting it. Alarms will be set off by such movements, enabling you to take the appropriate action.

These security precautions can also be helpful in the event that equipment is stolen because the owners can use the film to support the theft in connection with insurance claims.

Conduct Real-time Counting in Your Inventory

Setting up a system to keep track of equipment data can ultimately save time and money. Many software programs come with built-in data design tools that let you easily create labels from item data that already exists. 

Accurate inventory counts are essential to inventory management. Duplicate inventory counts and unneeded inventory handling might result in redundant tasks and lost working hours.

To maintain accurate inventory counting methods, the stock managers make sure that all equipment is counted at the end of each day. These counts are necessary to ensure that the inventory information recorded in the software matches the actual count exactly.

Software that is hosted in the cloud can be used to manage inventory and offer real-time information on which goods are located where. These systems can also allow personnel to quickly count inventories and receive real-time updates by scanning the barcode labels on the equipment. 

Ensure Security Practices to Invest in Security Insurance

A rental company that manages hundreds of pieces of equipment and tools needs extra security against theft. To keep equipment secure in the face of unforeseen occurrences, it is essential to purchase security insurance. 

A specific risk policy that covers loss or damage to equipment from theft, breakage, etc. is part of this form of rental insurance. Once the rental company is protected against equipment theft, claims made under insurance might lessen the losses.

Moreover, you have to integrate security protocols that ensure security practices as part of crucial security processes. To remind employees to put the safety of the equipment first, you should conduct weekly briefings that emphasize safety regulations and encourage them to report any suspicious activity including equipment theft. 

In this regard, you have to initiate relevant security measures for checking out equipment at the start of the day as well as for checking in equipment at the end of the day.  

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Generate Accurate Reports on Equipment Movement Trends

Owners of rental businesses should be aware of current trends in equipment theft. Reports produced by the software can be used to assess equipment checkouts to specific customers, for how long, and whether or not all equipment has been returned on time. 

Reports can be issued every day to keep track of your equipment inventory and identify any unsettling patterns. Owners can more easily develop improvement strategies to ensure equipment safety when they are armed with trend data.

To ensure equipment theft protection, you can integrate an automated system that has a reporting system to generate the overall reports of your equipment rental business. 

The customer may be questioned about the delay and the equipment may be rented out until a later period if necessary if particular equipment is not returned on time, as noted in equipment return reports. 

In this case, the Rental software reports assist in streamlining the equipment transfer procedure this way, which lowers the risk of theft. 

Get a Secure Technological Framework to Protect Your Equipment Rental Business

By making a little upfront investment in theft prevention, you can avoid future downtime, labor-intensive issues, and lost revenue. Strong rental software can assist you in protecting your rental business from theft, which is essential to your success.  

In this regard, you can go for RentMy because it is one of the prominent SaaS-based equipment rental software. This rental management software offers various exclusive features which will be essential for numerous industries’ seamless rental management along with other crucial tools.  

Concluding Words

It’s crucial to protect your equipment, but doing so requires more than just purchasing the priciest lock available. Additionally, it is beneficial if you use some of these suggestions and go above and beyond when necessary. Spend some time on our blog for additional beneficial safety tips, and feel free to look at some of our other content as well.


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