Turn your WordPress Website Into A Rental Booking Powerhouse

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Convert more visitors to your equipment rental business website into paying Customers. Easily go from “Contact Us” or “Request A Quote” forms to allow Customers to browse, select, reserve, and pay for your items on your website based on real-time availability.

Many entrepreneurs avoid using software to help manage their business because they don’t have time to learn a new system. Your challenge is to add a system that supports your workflow, tailored to match your brand and adding simplicity, not complexity, for your Customers and staff.

Clients of RentMy who already have a WordPress website can easily connect their back-office inventory and order management system to their site using the  RentMy WordPress Rental Plugin

So, let’s explore why RentMy is the best choice to build your online equipment rental business. 

Why is the RentMy WordPress Rental Plugin The Best Choice for Your Equipment Rental Business?

RentMy, the leader in online equipment rental software, now offers a modern WordPress rental plugin to rental companies receive more bookings, collect information from their customers and accept online payments. 

The RentMy plugin and API suite give you a full set of tools for your rental business to manage scheduling, booking, payments, and returns on your website or a mobile app. And it gives your customers the convenience of handling everything online in one easy transaction.

Keep Track of Your Customers

The RentMy plugin for WordPress not only manages orders but also powers a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) experience to help manage customer relationships. RentMy makes it easy to send personalized order confirmations, rental reminders, receipts, surveys, and more.

Creating a personalized experience can have a measurable impact on your business. It can help you find the right customers, reduce the cost of sales, offer better customer service, and build more sustainable relationships. New potential customers will order, on average just 5-20% of the time, but by fostering an existing relationship, previous customers will order at a rate of 60-70% of the time

Tap into the Mobile Market

In 2019, mobile traffic exceeded 50% of all internet traffic, so you need to make it easy for your customers to browse, book, and pay from their mobile devices.  

The RentMy plugin for WordPress is built to deliver the same user-friendly interface on a cell phone as it does on a desktop computer screen. In other words, it puts the power of completing an entire rental transaction in the palm of your customer’s hand. 

Whether you manage your own website or have a professional do it for you, the RentMy plugin for WordPress adds a powerful tool to your website designed to increase your bottom line. 

Organization Tools at Your Fingertips

Create product groups, organize layouts and options, and create pick lists, load sheets, and reports. 

Make it simple for your customers to find what they’re looking for, and easy for you to track products and performance. 

Payment Processing Your Way

You’ve probably already done the legwork to choose the most effective payment processor for you.

Remy’s plugin for WordPress gives you the option of using the payment processor of your choice.  That’s right – no “forced” payment processing switches and no fees for cash or other transaction types. Choose from First American, Stripe, Square, Authorize.net, FiTech, FreedomPay, and more. With RentMy, you don’t have to re-think business decisions you have already made.

The Order Automation You’ve Only Dreamed Of

RentMy is the #1 eCommerce system for equipment rental businesses.  We make it easy to automate key functions, like creating a quote, sending order confirmations, and following up with a customized receipt. 

Exclusive Features of RentMy WordPress Rental Plugin

Even If you don’t have the technical knowledge (or desire) to build a rental booking experience on your site, just connect to your RentMy rental inventory management system using the no-coding-required RentMy WordPress Plugin. 

Cloud-Based Web Hosting

The RentMy platform is a cloud-based ERP system that you can confidently recommend to your customers, whether they operate locally or globally, no matter what the products are offered.  

Free API to Power Your Website or Mobile App

RentMy offers a responsive website and mobile app integration system. You just need to connect the API to integrate the mobile application. Also, you can integrate Quickbooks, ShipEngine, Mailchimp, and so on into this software. 

Standard & Customizable Templates

This one is another essential feature that allows you to maintain the unique look of specific pages and layouts on your website. Whether you want to seamlessly add new booking buttons to your existing product pages or want to create a brand new experience, RentMy has you covered.

Inventory Tracking System

The RentMy “no overbook guarantee” means you’ll never disappoint customers by being out of stock for a booked item.  Our intelligent inventory management system tracks new orders, prevents conflicting orders, and automatically updates availability for the next customer in line.

Developers: Build a Systematic Framework to Thrive in Your Rental Business with the Best WordPress Rental Plugin

The RentMy WordPress Plugin has everything you and your customers need to make online ordering and fulfillment convenient and simple. The plugin was designed to install easily and work seamlessly with your WordPress website. 

Optimizing your rental business so that customers can begin and complete a transaction online just makes sense in today’s business climate. The RentMy real-time rental management Plugin for WordPress not only makes it possible but also makes it easy.   

Grow your developer practice by adding a new option to clients seeking an eCommerce solution for rented/booked items. 

Wrapping Up

This article helps you to understand the easiest and smartest solution for designing and developing your online rental platform.

Even If you don’t have coding or technical knowledge, you can easily build your rental platform by integrating the RentMy WordPress rental plugin into your website. So, now is the best time to make an online rental business platform in the simplest and smartest way. Best of all, RentMy Pros are standing by to help you the whole way.


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