7 Strategies That’ll Level Up Your Rental Market with Dropshipping

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Strategies That’ll Level Up Your Rental Market with Dropshipping

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Dropshipping is one of the most alluring options for new enterprises to enter the eCommerce market in this burgeoning sector. You can also fuel up your dropshipping business in the rental market. 

According to the research of The Insight Partners

“Dropshipping was valued at US$ 162.44 billion in 2019, it is projected that the growth rate will be reached US$ 591.77 billion by 2027 with a CAGR of 18.3%.” 

Although there is a ton of room for growth in the dropshipping industry, it is also a very cutthroat market. There is so much more to running a successful internet business than just having outstanding products. A solid dropshipping marketing strategy must also be in place.

Curious about the right marketing strategies? This article provides the 7 most effective strategies to help you grow your dropshipping business for rental products. 

Let’s get started.

Build an Online Dropshipping Store

Before launching the marketing campaigns, you have to ensure that your website provides visitors with the compulsion to browse and actually order your items.

Remember, nobody wants to spend time on a website that appears to be a startup or unprofessional.

You have to build an SEO-friendly website with an attractive and user-friendly UI/UX design.  Online buyers (or renters, in this case) will leave sites that load slowly or those that are not mobile-friendly, so pick your theme or design carefully.

Now let’s talk about the product page, which is the most crucial page on your website. 

You have to upload high-quality, expertly taken photos to your website. Take images of your products from different perspectives and with proper lighting. It will enable customers to get a good idea about the item they’re considering renting or buying.  More images = greater information for the Customer.

So, consider the following factors when building an online dropshipping store for rental products.  

  • SEO-friendliness 
  • UI/UX design 
  • Theme 
  • Mobile responsiveness 
  • Website’s product page
  • Product images

Improve SEO Strategies to Rank Your Website

Sadly, there are no shortcuts to improving Search Engine Optimization (SED) for your site; it’s a long-term investment that ensures your website will receive high-quality leads.

People use Google to look for solutions. Make it easy for it to index and recommend your site to visitors. Use long-tail keywords instead of seed keywords, because it will be comparatively easy to rank. 

You’ll need to do your homework. It will help you identify the keywords your target customer uses to search for the goods to rent (or buy). Then, you may incorporate it into your content to improve your SEO.

Once you have website visitors, collect their emails for email marketing. So, it could be a sequential strategy to get a better outcome.

To improve your SEO, you can apply the following strategies. 

  • Blogging 
  • Content marketing 
  • Image optimization 
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO 
  • SEO-friendly title & meta description, and so on.  

Conduct Email Marketing to Retarget Customers

Another excellent dropshipping marketing strategy that provides a strong return on investment is email marketing. This marketing strategy allows you to retarget your leads and create a possibility to convert them into potential customers. 

Moreover, you can start by distributing a consistent email newsletter. To draw subscribers, you can set up forms, popups, and other lead creation strategies. 

Also, the email marketing strategy allows you to send them various exclusive offers, promotions, and announcements via email. 

Now, these email subscribers will start moving down your sales funnel. 

It is obvious that the clients won’t want to get emails with sales pitches, I’m sure. True, but clients are constantly open to offers of freebies and discounts.

In this case, you can offer them a coupon code or some freebies that will encourage them and enhance their chances to convert. 

To conduct an effective email marketing campaign, you can maintain the following aspects. 

  • Eye-catchy and meaningful subject line 
  • Crucial information 
  • Unique and high-quality content 
  • Mobile-friendly interface
  • Right day and time 

Google Paid Advertising to Increase Direct Conversion

It’s hard to increase organic traffic. The promotion and sales of your dropshipping business might significantly benefit from paid advertising. 

Ads not only increase the visibility of your products, but they also let you focus on a very narrow group of potential buyers.

Moreover, paid advertisements can drive more customers to you. In contrast, with other techniques, you must identify and target your audience. So why not make a small investment to get ideal customers to your website?

In this case, you can ads on Google, Facebook, and Instagram which will be effective in driving qualified traffic to your website.

Most significantly, you can perform Google Ads because Google ads resemble paid newspaper advertisements. When a user performs a query, Google adverts appear on the search results page. The organic results come up after the paid results. 

Paid advertisements will ensure that your website appears at the top of the results page if your SEO strategy is working.

So, you can convert more potential customers through Google paid advertising. 

Effective Social Media Marketing to Create Brand Awareness

One of the most efficient ways to advertise your dropshipping company is through social media marketing. 

However, social media is also a very crowded field, so you must carefully plan your social media marketing strategy. Social media marketing can be able to provide encouraging results which is completely free. 

Because these social networking sites are a prospective goldmine for Customers looking for your products, feature images, offers, and videos to grow an audience and grow your business.

You can also use a WordPress Survey Plugin to build surveys and questionnaires to better understand your clients and keep them interested in your website.

Start by typing or pasting something here and then concentrate on the channels that will work best for your dropshipping business. At the beginning stage, you can start small, and concentrate on two or three channels to run your dropshipping business successfully. 

Visual social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram are useful for dropshipping to highlight your products. 

You should consider the following aspect to conduct a social media marketing strategy. 

  • Hashtag strategy 
  • Paid ads 
  • Consistency 
  • Appropriate call to action (“CTA”).

Ensure More Engagement through Video Marketing

One of the most effective ways to grab your audience’s attention and increase interest in your product or service is through video marketing. This is especially important when it comes to tangible products.

Moreover, video can be used to demonstrate how your dropshipping products are actually used. In this case, you need to post videos of the products being used, provide how-to-type videos, and use videos to give a view that will assist the viewers to know about your products. 

Also, it will help to build trust among your audience. Most significantly, you can utilize your videos in advertising campaigns, share them on social media, and upload them to YouTube. 

You can even persuade other content producers to use videos to unbox or review your products, which will help your business with “social proof”.

Consider the following steps to conduct your video marketing campaign: 

  • Set campaign budget 
  • Define target audience 
  • Optimize video content 
  • Connect TV ads

Channels like YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Vimeo are great sources of free video impressions.

Hire an Influencer to Conduct Influencer Marketing

This one is another trendy marketing strategy for dropshipping businesses in the rental market. The most effective platform for influencer marketing is Instagram, where there are millions of influencers.

You might wish to select a different channel depending on the campaign type and the audience you are trying to reach. 

On the other hand, campaigns occasionally use two distinct channels. For instance, the influencer may promote a contest on Instagram and a video on Youtube while also making purchases from your store.

Moreover, social influencer people can create content in a particular niche. For that reason, you have to be careful to choose the influencer, you need to select the right influencer who has enough knowledge of your business niche.

For instance, Huda Kattan is well-known to all makeup enthusiasts. She is well-known for her Instagram impact. Her specialty in content development is “beauty and cosmetics.”

Next is Murad Osmann. He is among Forbes’ list of top influencers. Whindersson Nunes, Zach King, Chiara Ferragni, and Amanda Cerny are also popular Instagram influencers.  

A Case Study: Shipping for Rental Business

An example is Rent Mason Bees, who uses RentMy – Dropship Rental Software to dropship Mason Bees and nesting material to gardeners around the US. Gardeners release native bees to pollinate and rent the nesting blocks that are then returned in the fall. 

Mason bees are docile bees that emerge from their cocoons in the spring when fruit trees and many of our native shrubs and herbs are in bloom. 

Visiting up to 2000 flowers each day, these highly efficient pollinators increase fruit production as well as improve the overall health of their ecosystems by aiding the health of native plants. As solitary bees, they have no queen to protect and therefore no reason to sting. 

They are fun to watch throughout the spring and are an important member of our ecosystem.

RentMy, through its integration with the USPS (among others), dynamically calculates the price of outbound and return shipping and adds the price to the order total.

When an order is placed, the Rent Mason Bees team receives full order information (including rental start/end dates, ship-to information, and other special instructions.  

At the time of fulfillment, the client can instantly update the order status, print shipping labels, and even export the order information to another application.

Rent Mason Bees serves Gardners coast-to-coast, and thanks to its partnership with RentMy.co, they can seamlessly offer sustainable and the ultimate in eco-friendly pollinator services practically everywhere in the United States.  

From order placement to the return shipment, RentMy handles all of the steps along the way.

Now It’s Your Turn

Level Up Your Rental Market with Dropshipping

Now you have realized the 7 effective strategies for dropshipping business in the rental market. 

The competition in eCommerce has gotten fierce. To convert a prospect, businesses must outbid hundreds of thousands of other brands.

Don’t ignore the marketing component if you want your company to succeed rather than fail like so many others.

Use the above-discussed techniques to generate quality leads, and boost sales and profit.

And realize your entrepreneurial dreams.

In this regard, you can go for RentMy to build your dropshipping business platform in the rental market. 


Dropshipping is easy to start but takes effort to master.  Dropshipping of rental products will dramatically increase your prospective Customer base and can position your business as a leader in your rental category. Following the steps above will help you on your way.


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