Is a Bounce House Business Profitable?

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isthe bounce house business profitable

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How much money do bouncy houses rental businesses make in a year? This article lays out the profitability of a typical bounce house business. 

Many factors go into predicting what a bounce house company can earn, but a big consideration is the services the business plans to offer.    

You might not think of starting a business that involves inflatable bounce houses when you consider what to offer. Of course, since it’s a little unusual, there might be some skepticism over its profitability.

Make sure your money is going into something worthwhile before beginning to buy a bounce house or two. 

So, let’s explore all of the ingredients to making a successful bounce house rental business. 

A bounce house business does not require a lot of overhead expenses. An inflatable bounce house for sale typically costs around $1700, including shipping.

Even though a combo unit costs a little more (nearly $3000), It is still a cost-benefit investment considering the higher per-day rental prices you can charge.

There’s also the issue of insurance, which accounts for a sizable amount of the costs you’ll pay. Even if the per-each price decreases with the increase in the number of units you offer, the startup fees might be somewhat challenging. But if you can build a reputation, your company might expand swiftly. 

How Much Do You Make from a Bounce House Business?

In actuality, renting out inflatable bounce houses can be a very profitable endeavor, whether you’re wanting to run a full-time operation or a home-based business. 

The inflatable bounce house rental industry has grown significantly and now generates billions of dollars annually. According to studies on the bouncy house market, an inflatable is rented on average once every 1.5 weeks.

If you see Google Trends, you can easily observe the demand for bounce house businesses worldwide. 

How Much Do You Make from a Bounce House Business

If you charge $150 each time a bounce house is hired, multiplying that amount by 1.5 bookings per week becomes $225. By applying that formula, purchasing five bounce houses will earn you about $1125 every week.


Which Factors Should You Consider to Determine How Much Money a Bounce House Business Makes?

From the previous section, you have an idea now how much you may earn through a bounce house business. Though there are various pros and cons of owning a bounce house business, it might be profitable. But you need to consider some factors as these can create a great impact to change the overall profit or revenue.

The Size of Your Business

Without knowing the size of the company and the number of children the bounce house can hold per session, it is difficult to predict how much a bounce house owner should earn annually. 

Services You Offered

The kind of freebies that the bounce house provides is another significant component that will impact how much a bounce house owner can anticipate earning.

You will probably agree that a bounce house Family Entertainment Center (FEC) that provides services such as bouncy castles, amusement, and recreation, Go-karting, mountain climbing, snowmobiling, video game houses, etc. will make significantly more money than one that only provides bouncy castles for home delivery.

Delivery Area of Your Bounce House Business

Your local service area (market) plays a significant role in determining how much money it can bring in on a monthly and annual basis. If the area where the bounce house is located is upscale, has the right demography—particularly in terms of families with children—and has the necessary financial resources (purchasing power). 

Managerial Framework

The management style of the bounce house owner is another important issue that will impact how much money they may expect to generate annually. 

Clearly, a well-run business (with an emphasis on Customer service, on-time delivery, guaranteed no over-bookings and more will differ significantly from those of a bounce house owner who employs poor management practices and subpar Customer service. 

Remember: your target market (parents with young children) see each other at birthday parties and school functions; you want to have a stellar reputation.

The idea is that a competent bounce house owner will continue to attract new clients, especially through recommendations, in addition to keeping their current ones.

Advertising & Marketing Strategies

The advertising and marketing tactics that the bounce house uses are another important component that will decide how much money a bouncy house owner may generate annually. 

Moreover, you may be expected to spend more, but there are various advertising and marketing tactics that can help your business to enhance its earnings. Naturally, you wouldn’t anticipate that a bouncy house owner who uses aggressive advertising and marketing will earn the same amount annually as a bounce house owner who uses passive advertising and marketing.


An inflatable bounce house rental company might not be the first thing that comes to mind when starting a business. As we have discussed, the business is quite profitable and incurs very little expense. After starting, you can start making money practically immediately.

You can integrate a smart and automated solution to make your bounce house business profitable. We invite you to check out RentMy which provides a complete solution to manage your bounce house rental business, from online booking to true order management, payments, and more!


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