How to Make Money by Renting out your RV?

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Is the RV Rental Business Lucrative

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Wondering about the RV rental business will be lucrative or not? Well, it’s a very common confusion for all entrepreneurs before starting any business. 

Similar to this, if you want to establish an RV rental business, you are undoubtedly considering if it would be profitable or not. To mitigate such kind of confusion, we are here and going to discuss it in this article.

The answer to the question of whether renting out your RV can be profitable is a hearty YES! Renting out your RV under the appropriate circumstances might be profitable. 

Then, the common question will arrive at how profitable it will be and what will be the most concerning factors. Continue reading to find out more about the industry and how much money you might potentially make if you decided to start a business in this field.

Let’s start to explore the details! 

How Much Money Can You Make from RV Rental Business?

It’s crucial to educate yourself before starting any business, whether you’re starting from scratch or purchasing an existing operation.

Why should they use all of their savings to purchase an RV if they have no immediate plans to embark on another adventure?

How much money you’ll make from renting out your RV depends on a variety of things. A normal RV owner will probably make closer to half that amount, despite claims made by some RV rental firms that you can make up to $40,000 a year.

In order to earn $40,000 in rental income using the average nightly rate for a Class A motorhome of $175 (in the off-season and depending on local market prices), you would need to rent out your RV for 229 days each year, which doesn’t include the costs of maintenance, damage protection, etc. 

Is It Profitable to Start an RV Rental Business? 

The best response to this query is “Yes.” RV rental businesses are worthwhile investments that you should think about making, especially if you are an RV enthusiast.

On the other hand, for most RV renters who are just wanting to create a side income, it can take a long time to earn this amount. You would need to rent out your RV for 114 days in order to make $20,000 annually at the rate of $175 per night, which is a more practical estimate.

What Type of RV Should You Rent?

types of rv to rent

Many people mistakenly believe that there are only a few different types of RVs available for rental. That is not true at all, though. There are several possibilities, so keep reading to learn more about each one.

According to the analysis of the RV Rental Association (RVRA),

“The most accessible RV product types in 2019 will be traditional travel trailers and Class C motorhomes, which will see an increase in rental earnings.”

Class A Motorhome

A Class A motorhome is a way to go whether you’re searching for a luxury RV rental or an RV that can accommodate up to eight people.

You may bring everything you need for a camping excursion with this car. Class A motorhomes have a kitchen, a bathroom, bedroom accommodations, and dining spaces that are all completely functional. 

Also, Class A motorhomes, which can have either a gas or diesel engine and are built on a commercial bus or truck chassis, are known for being some of the most opulent and spacious RV rentals available. However, they don’t get the best gas mileage as a result of this.

Most significantly, two to seven persons can sleep peacefully within a campervan of this size. The additional space for hanging out is also a pleasant perk.

Class B Motorhome

One of the coolest ways to experience the RV lifestyle has to be in a Class B RV or camper van. Since they are constructed on a compact van chassis, they may fit in the majority of parking spaces.

This size of RV is the more affordable, scaled-down version of its Class A big brother. Additionally, it offers superior fuel efficiency than Class A and Class C trucks.

moreover, it can allow you to sleep two people comfortably, but if you’re willing to snuggle close, you might be able to fit four.

Class C Motorhome

A Class C motorhome’s design to have larger indoor and outdoor storage spaces give tenants a ton of storage room, which is one of the best things about them! Renting a class C motorhome is a fantastic way to live the RV lifestyle!

This types of RV, which are roughly 20 to 30 feet long, are a smaller counterpart of the larger one but can still accommodate up to 6 people.

Although they have fewer fancy features than Classes A and B, they are easier to drive and more cost-effective as a result.

Travel Trailer

You would be correct in assuming that a car is required to tow this trailer behind given the word “trailer” in its name. A growing number of compact rigs that may be towed by a small SUV or passenger car are becoming more and more popular, even though many rigs may need a heavy-duty truck for transporting.

Although the larger towable trailers are equipped with everything you need for camping, they are often not the most enjoyable to drag behind you everywhere you go. The ideal method to camp with this kind of RV is to tow it to the campsite and leave it there while you go on your smaller, day trips in the vehicle or SUV you used to haul it.

For first-timers wishing to accommodate up to six people, travel trailer rentals are one of our top rental choices. They’re a great option for RV camping with friends and family because they have a ton of storage room, all the conveniences you could desire in an RV, and more. 

Pop-Up Camping Trailers

This attractive, lightweight trailer can expand to a length of up to 23 feet to meet all of your camping needs. It is only around 10 feet long when folded.

You can travel almost anywhere if you rent a pop-up camper. Pop-up campers let you set up camp anywhere, including the top of a mountain or a beach. 

For first-time RV renters who don’t want to stress about a separate vehicle on their first road trip, these are fantastic options. 

How Much Does It Cost to Maintain an RV Rental Business?

You can observe the profitability based on the cost to run and grow your business. In accordance with this, when you understand the cost of starting an RV rental business, you can easily realize the profitability of the RV rental business. 

Equipment & Supply Expense 

Equipment for manufacturing the product, packing the items, or office supplies may need to be purchased in order to launch an RV rental business.


Minimum Cost 

Maximum Cost 

Cleaning Supplies



First-aid Equipment



Retail Business Expense

This cost will vary by region and by individual localities; for example, a lease in Manhattan’s financial district might have a rent payment of nearly $80,000 per month. 

In contrast, renting a shop in Florida or Tennessee might run you less than $1,000 per month.


Minimum Cost 

Maximum Cost 

Shop Decor






Improvements and Remodeling



Storefront Property Rent



POS System



Overall Expenses for RV Rental Business

If you start with two RVs, the startup costs for an RV rental business range from $24,000 to $40,000. The down payments on the RVs, a storage facility, and a website are included in the costs.

Costing Category 

Costing Range 


Setting up a business name and corporation

$150 – $200


Business licenses and permits

$100 – $300





Business cards and brochures

$200 – $300


Website setup

$1,000 – $3,000


Down payment 

$20,000 – $30,000


Storage space lease

$2,500 – $5,000



$24,050 – $39,100



Minimum Startup Costs


Maximum Startup Costs


Average Startup Costs 


Insurance for RV Rental Business

Insurance for rental business is a factor that customers will take into account while choosing the finest RV renter. Commercial insurance is required if you own more than five RVs because personal insurance may not always ensure the payment of claims in the event of a loss.

Make sure to do your research on the best insurance company and consider both your wants and your budget.

Keep in mind that while estimating prices for various clients, you must account for insurance expenses.

On the other hand, as a renter, you should consider getting the greatest insurance coverage to safeguard your most important possessions, lower your company’s risk, and provide you peace of mind.

Blend an Extra Advantage to Get Automation!

Your business success not only depends on your hard work but also dependable your smartness. 

To operate the entire mechanism of your RV rental business, you need to integrate a complete automated system. A smart rental management system helps to make your tasks dynamically and automatically. So why are lagging behind? Why don’t you get it?

In this case, RentMy will be the best solution to manage your RV rental business in a smart and automated way. It also offers all exclusive features which will assist you to manage each and every activity of your business. 

Concluding Words!

Starting an RV rental business is quick and simple, and it is profitable. This is a lot more profitable side business than flipping campers, in my opinion.

Renting out your RV, whether you’re seeking to buy one or already have one, can assist you in paying your bills and possibly generate some extra revenue. 

In high season, the majority of people make between $1000 and $3000 per month. With an old travel trailer, you may make at least $1500 each month.


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