7 Tips to increase Rental Bookings for Rental Business

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how to get more bookings

Have a rental business? Wondering how to get more bookings? Well, you just need to apply some simple techniques to increase your business’s visibility to Customers. 

You are in the right place because you will get helpful and proven tips in this article. Below are the 7 effective tips that will assist you to increase your rental bookings. 

To assist you in achieving your goals and bringing in new customers for your rental business, we have created the following guide. The tips we’re giving you today will make your rental business stand out from the competition in your neighborhood and bring in more customers.

Let’s look at seven ways to increase rental bookings and visibility for your rental company.

7 Ways to Get More Bookings for Rental Business

Getting new customers for your rental business can sometimes seems like more art than skill. Online resources abound for tips on drawing new customers to your store, but few of them apply to rental businesses. 

Optimize Product Descriptions & Photos 

The “hook” that draws customers should be your product descriptions and images. Updating the titles of your products and their high-quality images will have two effects. They will first make sure that more guests make bookings.


“You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” —  Will Rogers

Second, visitors are more likely to make a reservation if your visuals are exciting and compelling. 

Last but not least, excellent imagery creates realistic expectations for your audience.

Identify Your Target Audience 

Offering things that people are prepared to pay for is an easy approach to boost your revenues. Along with giving you an advantage over your local competitors, this will also boost the average amount each customer spends with your business. 

Moreover, the hardest part of this is figuring out what products customers want to rent in addition to the ones you already offer. 

To see what else your consumers would be ready to pay for, consider cross-selling or upselling products and making recommendations to them.  

Integrate a Dynamic Rental Management Website

Having a website can help you build your rental business if you don’t already have one. Nowadays, everything is done online, so if your rental store doesn’t have a website, you might be missing out. 

You can develop your rental website using one of the various website builders available. WordPress, Squarespace, and Shopify are a few examples. But it would be very time-consuming. 

We suggest a rental management software which includes a dynamic rental management website builder solution which provides the tools to build a responsive and dynamic rental management website in the easiest and quickest way for your rental business. Engaging website content and graphics will persuade visitors to rent from your business.

Automate Your Rental Bookings Process

You most likely work on your laptop or phone for extended periods of time. For some, it can be entering reservations into a spreadsheet, while for others, it might be organizing repairs or distributing invoices. 

So, you need to adopt the automation to handle all of the operations of your rental business. In this way, you can get an organized framework and method for your laptop to complete repetitious tasks for you. 

According to market research,

“Around $4,094 is spent monthly through using the digital management tools in the vacation rental management company.” 

Yes, there is software that can handle a lot of this for you in the form of rental tracking software and maintenance tracking software. As a result, you will have more time to accept bookings rather than having to turn them down because you are preoccupied with tasks that your laptop might perform for you.

Build Killer USPs and Promote Them

It’s crucial to consider your brand’s Unique Selling Point (USP)in light of the intense competition among neighborhood rental businesses.  Focus on what makes you different, even if you offer the same rental inventory as the company down the street.

This will assist set you apart from competitors in your neighborhood. You can read customer testimonials and internet comments about your rental business to determine your USP.

List Your Rental Business on Google My Business

With thousands of rental businesses on Google, Google My Business has had a significant impact on the rental market. To get this kind of advantage of your rental business, your business needs to be present online. 

On the other hand, Google creates your GMB profile automatically, they have a very high entry barrier. The map browser would be filled with thousands of private residences that only occasionally provide short-term rental services if they allowed anyone to join without any sort of screening process.

To ensure your presence in Google search and map results, all you need to do is establish a listing for your company and fill it out completely. 

Encourage Your Customers to Leave Reviews

Customer feedback may make or ruin a rental company. Customers will be more likely to return and refer your rental company to others if you treat them with respect, exceptional care, and trust. 

If you frequently receive happy customers, you can leverage them as a marketing resource for your rental company. Spending time on the customer experience should be one of your main priorities if you want to get good evaluations. 

Any business must rely on social proof to succeed, and customers are more inclined to use your services if they perceive that others who share their interests have been happy with them.

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Concluding Words

There are many things needed to help your rental business get more bookings, and persistence pays off.  You may automate your reviews, send automated messages to your visitors, maintain an updated calendar, and more with the help of software programs like RentMy

All of these help you become more visible in searches and attract more customers for rental bookings.


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