Golf Cart Rental Business Insurance: Why Have It & How to Get It

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Golf Cart Rental Business Insurance

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Have a golf cart rental business? Concerned about the safety and security of your rental business? Getting golf cart rental insurance is essential if you plan to rent out golf carts, use them as taxis, or even use them to advertise.

Accidents may and do occur, so it’s important to make sure you’re protected in case a claim is made. Golf carts are a great general-purpose transportation option in addition to being used on golf courses.

Furthermore, they work well for carrying people and luggage around hotels as well as going around small towns with lots of tourists. They excel where there isn’t enough room for conventional automotive traffic. They consequently require specialized insurance.

In this article, you will get an overview of golf cart rental business insurance, such as why it is needed, which coverage options you should consider, how you get it, and so on. 

Get started with the concerning part of this article. 

Why Does Your Golf Cart Rental Business Need Insurance?

Don’t risk your golf cart rental business: get the necessary insurance. Keep in mind, insurance for rental businesses is not a standard policy that can be bought from just any insurance broker.

Insurance for golf cart rentals operates similarly to traditional auto insurance. You receive coverage for a variety of losses in exchange for paying a premium (often once a month or once a year).  

Without insurance, you can be held directly responsible for accident-related losses and injuries. In order to pay compensation, you might even have to give up your current business assets.

What Should Be Included in Golf Cart Rental Business Insurance?

From the previous discussion, you have learned why insurance is required for golf cart rental business. But you need to know some essential factors which you have to include in your golf cart rental business.

You expose yourself to a variety of risks when you rent out golf carts and utilize them on your personal property or in public areas. When you purchase insurance for your golf cart rental, you can choose from a variety of coverage options, including the following:

General Liability

One of the most essential aspects of golf cart rental insurance is general liability coverage. It provides protection against bodily harm and reimburses third parties for any medical expenses they accrue as a result of operator negligence. 

It also covers other more general business-related responsibilities, such as false advertising, should you decide to contest the claim as well as your legal fees. 

Guest Passenger Liability

This is one of the significant factors to get insurance for your golf cart rental business. If golf cart passengers are hurt as a result of operator negligence, guest passenger liability insurance offers coverage. It covers all medical and legal fees related to any claim made against you. 

Physical Damage, Loss, or Theft

You need to also consider some obvious aspects such as physical damage, loss, or theft. Golf cart insurance for rentals also covers many of the risks that traditional automobiles face, including damage, loss, and theft. 

You can protect against these as well, meaning that if customers damage your carts, you can get a payout to repair them. 

Auto Liability

You can also consider auto liability insurance that can cover all rights to take your golf cart out on public roads. You need to use your golf carts on public highways, auto liability insurance offers coverage.

You have definitely realized that there should be a standard golf cart insurance policy. Every business that rents or uses golf carts is different, thus they require something made specifically for them.

A true, complete insurance policy guarantees that there are no coverage gaps that could leave you exposed. When you consult with us, it’s simple to cover all the bases and determine where insurance is necessary and where it isn’t.  

How to Get Business Insurance for Golf Cart Rentals

Depending on whether you keep the golf carts on your property or not, you can select a certain type of policy from this article. 

A new-for-old policy, which enables you to exchange an old cart for a new one if it is beyond financial repair, is another option. Here, you will get a step-by-step guide that will assist you to start your golf cart rental business.   

Step 1: Define Your Needs

When you start a golf cart rental business, you have to clarify and review your needs. According to your business demand and requirement, you need to include all of your needs. Then, you can apply for the required insurance for your golf cart rental business. 

For example, if your golf cart rental business has any physical damage, you need to take one type of insurance. On the other hand, you need to bear some medical and legal fees which should include in your rental insurance plan. 

Step 2: Contact a Trusted Insurance Company 

Though there are numerous insurance companies available, it will be a little bit difficult to choose the best one. In this case, you can conduct thorough research to get insurance for your golf cart rental business. 

However, you have to contact a trusted insurance company to get your required golf cart rental business insurance.  

Step 3: Provide All Required Documents to Check the Validity

You have to provide all legal documents to your chosen insurance company. After that, the insurance provider will check your documents and papers. If everything is okay, then you will get your required insurance for your golf cart rental business. 

Step 4: Get Your Rental Golf Cart Business Insurance

Now you have reached the last step. After checking all of your rental business documents and papers, you will get your golf cart rental business insurance. 

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Golf Cart Rental Business?

Golf carts can be purchased and used for as little as $1200. However, you should invest in at least a few 4-seater golf carts, which would run you about $8000 each, if you want to establish a golf cart rental business.

For just $18,000, you could launch a basic golf cart rental business (assuming you buy two new 4-seater golf carts). You could get off to a wonderful start with an extra $5000. However, in order to operate on a larger scale and offer a number of golf cart options, you will also need to start off by investing in at least 10 golf carts, each of which costs about $80,000.

 As a result, starting a large-scale golf cart rental business will cost you about $85,000 (golf cart plus marketing-related fees).

Remember that if you want to spend as little money as possible, you may either buy secondhand golf carts or purchase them as you need them. Golf cart rental is one of the best companies to start and grow if you don’t mind a little grit.


You must have golf cart rental business insurance if you want to protect your business and your Customers. And, it’s far more economical than you may imagine. You can go through this article that will assist you to observe a detailed guide on golf cart rental business insurance. 

To boost your business revenue and ensure smooth operation, you can integrate golf cart rental software. This software allows you to spend more of your resources serving the requirements of your clients by automating time-consuming processes. 

Maintain a central database of goods, orders, client preferences, payment details, and bookkeeping from rental to return.


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