Best Equipment For Product Photography Including Tips

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equipment for product photography

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When someone has to rent something, there are usually a lot of rental companies they can choose from. It can be challenging to figure out how to stand apart from competitors. In that circumstance, it’s important to conduct product photography for the rental business. 

However, taking images of your products that look professional might be essential to the success of your online store. Customers are drawn to engaging visuals that faithfully depict your items and the goals they are associated with.

Therefore, if you want to increase the number of reservations you get, you must take excellent product images. This article will highlight how you can choose the right photography equipment as well as 5 excellent tips to showcase your rental equipment to your customers.

Let’s look at some fruitful techniques for getting the finest product photography, from picking the correct tools to taking and editing your images.

A nearby company that specializes in camera equipment may rent or sell this equipment at a reasonable price. To begin taking product photos for your rental business, you first need four pieces of important equipment. They consist of a tripod, lighting, backdrop, and, of course, a good camera.

List of Equipment For Product Photography


The camera you choose will depend on your budget. These days, every smartphone has a camera that can produce stunning images. 

If you’re on a tight budget or already own one, it can be your best option for photography, provided you know how to make the most of it. However, you could rent or buy a DSLR if you have a little extra cash to play with. These are the cameras that experts utilize to produce standout photographs. Additionally, you can frequently get them with a Bluetooth remote, which enables you to concentrate on the objects you are photographing and to quickly switch between various setups.


Although you can employ a set for product photography, your backdrop can be as basic as a setting that complements your merchandise. 

You can use a plain white backdrop to get started and learn the fundamentals of lighting and shading. Going with a colorful background, though, can be more alluring for some products.


Whichever camera you use to photograph your things, great product photography always has excellent lighting as a defining characteristic. The best recommendation is always to make an effort to use natural lighting.

Keep in mind, no amount of editing can make a shot live up to your expectations if you photograph in poor lighting.

While not always possible indoors, this can be excellent for things that are being shot outdoors. In order to get the greatest results when photographing things inside, you must rent or purchase continuous LED lights.


You can do your best to take good pictures by just pointing your camera at your merchandise and pressing the shutter, but you’ll be glad you rented or bought a tripod. 

It will let you change the camera’s height and positioning while preventing blur by keeping it more steady.

5 Tips to Make Your Rental Equipment More Elegant through Your Shots

Infograph on 5 tips for equipment photography

The method you use to capture product images entirely depends on the kinds of things you rent out and the style of your company. 

Also, you can check out our other blog that will assist you to learn about MORE TIPS to increase bookings for the rental business.   

Regardless of your individual needs, you can make the most of your product photography by using some simple styling and composition approaches.

Showcase Your Products From Multiple Angles

The best product photography gives the products being displayed proper context. This might be the location, the accessories, or even the use cases for your goods. 

Bikes, event decor, or a camera being used to make a music video, for instance, may be best portrayed in adventurous settings. Your buyers may be able to envision using your products by placing them in the context of their intended use. 

This supports people’s goals, which are what motivates them to look to rent your goods in the first place. Examine the product styling of other companies whose brands you respect for ideas.

Apply the Rule of Thirds in Art

Anyone who has even a basic understanding of photography will tell you to adhere to the rule of thirds. When photographing a product, keep this one of the most well-known photographic methods in the back of your mind. 

The grid function included on the majority of cameras can help you with this. Your product, which serves as the subject of your images, shouldn’t straddle these boundaries. 

However, it may be useful to picture your shot as being divided into nine segments of equal length. As opposed to this, it ought to be on the axis, which is where our eyes naturally gravitate while viewing an image.

Maintain the Product Variations to Show Versatility

In order to have a nice selection, it’s generally a good idea to photograph things from a variety of perspectives and/or locations. As a result, you’ll be able to give your customers a complete view of the goods while also finding the optimal image for each platform. 

To demonstrate the versatility of your event decorations, you may display them in a variety of situations. Additionally, renting various varieties of the same product is typical in some sectors. 

Therefore, you must make sure that you record each product’s size, style, and color. This will assist you in maintaining consistency and guide a customer’s decision when selecting between many varieties.

Display Your Rental Products in an Online Store

Online storefronts on the internet are crucial! Giving your company an online presence will undoubtedly advance it. 

Not to mention that you lose out on a significant number of internet orders if you don’t have an online store. The way people use the internet to purchase goods and services has a significant impact. 

In this regard, you need to integrate an equipment rental business website. When using a smartphone, it is quicker and more efficient to look for information online rather than bothering to ask someone or wander the market. 

Ensure a Good-Looking Visual Appearance by Editing Photos

Your images ought to be rather close to being polished if you have complied with these recommendations and best practices. 

To get the most out of your photographs, you might need to alter and retouch elements like color saturation. Numerous free courses can be found on websites like YouTube and SkillShare to teach you how to achieve this.

Additionally, you must ensure that you export your images in a variety of file formats, sizes, and dimensions. Once more, the platform you choose to share them on will have an impact. The platform you’re utilizing will typically provide instructions on the ideal image requirements to follow.

Make an Attractive Visual to Get Maximum ROI 

You need to optimize your product photographs for your online store before uploading them to your website. 

This includes identifying your product photos in an SEO-friendly way, including relevant keywords in the alt-text, and keeping the file size as short as possible without sacrificing quality.

In this regard, you need to integrate a complete rental management solution that includes a dynamic website to showcase your rental product images.  

That’s all we have time for today. We hope we’ve inspired a few readers to seriously consider starting an equipment rental business. And for those who have already decided to jump into the industry, we hope this guide has been useful.


I’m done now! You’re prepared to show the world your brand-new product photographs. They will boost your ranking in Google search results in addition to making your online store more appealing to customers. 

Have fun photographing your goods, and be sure to share your suggestions to make your rental inventory images “pop”!


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