Case Study: Story of Bouncy Bounce Party Rentals – How They Grow & Put Customers in Control with RentMy

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case study on Bouncy Bounce Party Rentals

Nothing is insurmountable for you if you put enough effort and enthusiasm into it! Not believing it?

Yes, it’s true, and you can see innumerable instances of it all around you. You only need to sneak a peek around you to find inspiration.

Today, I’d like to share the experience of an entrepreneur who struggled to thrive in this cutthroat industry. He has finally managed to get out of his predicament and guarantee his company’s digital life.

Do you want to know how? Okay, let’s begin to explore it. 

Bouncy Bounce Party Rentals – Bounce House Party Equipment Rental Business

Brian Dubuque, owner of Bouncy Bounce Party Rentals is a busy man. He started his company as a seasonal operation in 2019, and despite the challenges that 2020 brought to the industry, he is now busier than even he expected it to be.

Serving a broad area in coastal Virginia and surrounding markets, Brian never knows where his next customer would be. And considering how busy he is, answering phone calls and replying to inquiry forms just wasn’t a timely (or convenient) way to serve his customers. 

Challenges that Faced Bouncy Bounce Party Rentals

As a bustling small business, there is often a shortage of staff available to answer the frequently asked questions that a common to the inflatables industry: 

  • Do you deliver to…? 
  • How much is the…?
  • Is this product available next weekend?
  • How much is due now to hold the rental?
  • Can you invoice me for payment? 

Keeping track of orders and delivery addresses with spreadsheets and notebooks became unmanageable quickly. Also, taking calls from upset or disappointed customers after a missed delivery or a double-booked item is always a difficult conversation.

Prior to adopting RentMy, Bouncy Bounce Party Rentals managed its inventory using a pricey and rigid approach using bounce house rental software of RentMy.

When it came time to purchase yet another upgrade for the outdated system, Brian Dubuque started looking into other possibilities, such as those that would provide real-time inventory tracking, synchronized in-store, and online availability, and include a fully functional point of sale (POS) system.

In these circumstances, Brian Dubuque had contacted RentMy in search of a way to get out of his predicament.

Bouncy Bounce Party Rentals Turns into the Next Level – BUT HOW?

After researching various solutions, Brian selected RentMy in the summer of 2019. Factors such as price, functionality, and ease of use led him and his business partner to choose RentMy to help manage the booking, payments, and customer communication portion of their business. 

The included RentMy website builder provides Bouncy Bounce and “no code” way to create an eCommerce system that manages product availability, price calculation (including delivery fees), down-payments, and more.

After reaching out RentMy, they created a website that is optimized for search engines. As a result, they may be able to take all online reservations or orders at once.

Although RentMy provides a number of ways for clients to place actual, paid orders, Bouncy Bounce Party Rentals make reservations and sales through the RentMy Point of Sale (POS) system.

They were able to manage various payment ways from a single location after merging with RentMy, which accepts a variety of payment methods. 

They have a thorough inventory management system, which is most important. They can effortlessly control their merchandise as a result. To prevent overbooking or double booking, the accompanying eCommerce website displays real-time product availability for every item in Bouncy Bounce Party Rentals’ inventory.

The RentMy order management system gives an instant status for all orders, including payment status and, in the case of rents, start and end dates, regardless of how the sale is made.

As rentals picked up, Brian used the mobile-friendly orders page to look up delivery addresses while he was away from the office.

Growth & Opportunities

Since starting with RentMy, Bouncy Bounce Party Rentals has experienced a significant increase in business. Despite all of the challenging recent events that have affected the industry.  Brian is pleased with business in 2020 and has big plans for 2021.

According to Google Trends, it is more transparent that the bounce house rental business industry is growing and there is a huge opportunity to grow the business. 

bounce house rental business growth and opportunity

Due to their integration with RentMy, they are able to take advantage of the rental industry as well as eCommerce.

A complete rental management system is offered by RentMy to manage your company’s daily operations. This plan may alter the scope of their enterprise and will contribute to increasing sales.

“Our experience with RentMy has been great. Customer service is very helpful and timely. The assistance during the beginning of COVID was also very much appreciated. We look forward to providing our customers with a more user-friendly experience once we are able to combine our website and store versus our current setup.”  – Brian Dubuque


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