Benefits of GPS Tracking In Rental Equipment

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gps tracking rental equipment

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Being in the rental business, you are aware of how difficult it is to maintain effective operations. Every facet, including contract fulfillment, equipment management, order dispatch, and operation status tracking, must work in perfect harmony. 

Thinking about how can you manage all of these? The simple solution is to integrate GPS tracking into your rental equipment. In this article, you will get a brief overview of the overall concept of GPS-tracking rental equipment. 

According to the National Equipment Registry, commercial equipment theft is getting worse, with 1,000 items reported stolen each month. The chances of getting your equipment back are poor with a recovery rate of fewer than 20%. 

Fortunately, GPS tracking for rental equipment is altering all of this. So, let’s start.

Using a pre-installed transmitter, GPS systems can find your assets by triangulating the position of the individual object using signals from multiple satellites and figuring out the delay between each one. Today, a wide range of sectors use pricey equipment with GPS tracking.

Since the 1960s, GPS systems have been in use, but they were only available for military purposes at the time. Since Ronald Reagan signed an executive order allowing for its free public usage in the 1980s, GPS systems have changed from being used by the military to track friendly and criminal behavior to being used as personal protective equipment for assets at the push of a button.

The assets you want to track should have GPS devices installed by a reliable business with a track record of excellent tracking operations. 

You should be able to access a variety of services from your preferred GPS provider, including position tracking, software that is simple to configure, and remote diagnostics (for powered assets like generators, vehicles, or refrigerated trailers). 

These services assist in making sure that your assets are not only safe but also functionally sound and that you have real-time access to information.

With today’s tracking technologies, you may SMS or use programs designed expressly for live tracking to receive GPS tracking information on mobile devices like tablets and cell phones. 

Additionally, you can purchase specialized software and select how you want to access the tracking services with stand-alone services. 

After logging in is frequently required to get updates and the location information of your vehicles or assets through web-based tracking services.

Types of GPS tracker for rental equipment

Knowing exactly where your assets are at all times is incredibly simple thanks to PS asset monitoring tools. 

There is a GPS equipment tracker ideal for your needs, whether you require small tool GPS tracking for regularly missing goods or vehicle and equipment tracking systems for larger assets.

Though there are various types of GPS tracking devices available in the marketing. However, you need to choose the required types of GPS tracking devices for rental equipment. The most popular GPS tracking devices for rental businesses are given below. 

TTU-700 GPS Tracking Device

To enable precise position tracking, the GL300VC is a thumb-sized device that is simple to place on modest rental assets (with a three-axis accelerometer to provide instant motion detection alerts).

GL300VC Tracking Device

Queclink GL300VC GPS Asset Trackers with plastic cover IPX5 (Waterproof GPS) and he sent emergency alarms or geo-fences pressing the Panic button on their automatic vehicle dispatch. 

GL300VC is a GPS tracker CDMA2000 1xRTT dual band 800/1900 MHz frequencies, which may be tracked in real-time on their service routes or periodically using a Tracking Management Platform via the Web with their hours of service control.

What Are the Benefits of a GPS tracker for rental equipment?

Benefits of GPS Tracking for Rental Equipment

Numerous characteristics of GPS equipment tracking devices with starter interrupters let owners know where their vehicles are and what activities are taking place with them.

Allows to Track Rental Equipment along with Geofencing

Both risky and profitable, lending your assets to others is a risky move. Numerous heavy machinery assets are expensive and challenging to replace. 

You can always keep an eye on the whereabouts of your high-value assets with Rastrac GPS tracking services for heavy equipment, trailers, and other items. Geofencing is another option; these invisible, virtual “fences” inform you when an asset veers outside the predefined boundaries. 

The prevention of contract violations and ensuring that the equipment is placed exactly where it should depend on this information. Additionally, some GPS tracking solutions let you disable starters to prevent thieves from turning them on if your asset is in any danger. 

Until the police are on the scene to handle the matter, you can prevent your automobile, truck, or construction vehicle from starting.

Helps to Effectively Monitor Equipment Conditions

Since GPS monitoring uses an automated approach to track services across the fleet, it has had a substantial impact on maintenance management. The ability to track run time is the primary GPS tracking feature that aids equipment rental firms in maintaining equipment. 

Moreover, you can plan maintenance based on the equipment’s runtime with GPS tracking. This will enable you to prepare for downtime and help guarantee that maintenance is completed on schedule. This will prevent lost productivity.

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Enhances Security to Prevent Theft or Stealing 

The equipment will normally be rented for a short period of time and paid for with counterfeit money or credit cards. 

When the equipment isn’t returned and the rental business arrives to pick it up, the location will be empty or they’ll find that neither the address nor the person is even real.

GPS tracking systems with diagnostics capabilities can help you track information such as equipment activation times, engine statistics, and asset locations so you know whether the renter is abiding by the terms of the rental agreement

However, you can do more than just help you find a lost or stolen rental asset by cutting down on the amount of time that criminals have access to it. They can also help you reduce the risk of harm to the asset in the event that it is taken. 

Creates Automatic Invoices

Increasing the accuracy of your invoices and billable time is another advantage of having GPS tracking on your equipment, which is monitoring run time. 

Knowing the precise amount of runtime will improve the accuracy of your billing if you charge customers based on the runtime of the vehicle and/or equipment. 

The need to bill by the day, half-day, hour, or based on the mileage when the equipment returns to your yard will be eliminated by monitoring runtime. This extremely tedious method of manually tracking the meter will be automated via GPS tracking.

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Generates Real-time Reports

The data-gathering powers of GPS rental equipment tracking devices can still be quite useful even if renters aren’t using their rented equipment in an illegal way. 

As your equipment approaches particular maintenance milestones, you can easily optimize your asset maintenance scheduling using this data. Focusing on preventative maintenance rather than more expensive emergency repair helps to reduce total maintenance expenses, which also helps to increase ROI by lowering expenditures. 

Get a One-Stop Rental Management Solution with Available GPS Tracking

For companies that lend out equipment, rental GPS tracking is increasingly turning into a requirement. 

RentMy makes it possible to safeguard and manage the maintenance of your pricey and irreplaceable equipment, which is a big advantage for equipment rental companies. 

Before sending out your experts for repairs, you’ll be aware of the issue with your equipment, saving you both time and money. 

Additionally, you’ll constantly be aware of the equipment’s hour meter or odometer so that you can maintain appointments that may be made on time. 

So, you can minimize downtime and expensive repairs, some even transmit real-time notifications straight to your phone. 


The advantages of knowing the precise location of your rental property when it comes to aiding law enforcement in apprehending burglars are obvious. 

If the renter is using the asset in an unauthorized manner, then you can use the recorded tracking device data to prove it and confront the renter so they have an opportunity to change their behavior.


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