Bicycle & Bike Rental management Software

Online booking, secure payments & asset management for your bike rental company.

RentMy’s bike rental software provides everything you need to manage and grow your business!

Create and manage amazing experiences with a bike rental software built for the unique needs of your Cycle/bike rental business.

If you are like most Bicycle/Motorcyle rental company managers, you probably care about:

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Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking

Keep detailed history of every rental for each specific item in inventory
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Protect your investment with (refundable) deposits
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Late Charges & Refueling Fees

Late Charges & Refueling Fees

Collect late fees for late returns, refueling, damage and more (thanks to credit card vaulting).


It’s easy to create & manage stores with RentMy

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Integrate Rental Software on your WordPress Website

No matter what you offer at your cycle rental company, RentMy has you covered.

Amazing adventures and a world of choice come to life in your RentMy online rental web store.

And, if you already have a website you love, use our free WordPress rental plugin or APIs to create a great experience for your customers.

RentMy is the modern, powerful rental software that gives you back valuable time in your day.

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Real-time inventory

Real-time inventory availability management & booking
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Rent and sell products

Offer real-time rentals of single products and packages.
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Barcode & tracking

Barcode & serial inventory tracking & reporting
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Customer accounts

Let your Customers create an account to view past bookings, create and manage new orders.
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Upsell recommendations

Grow your order value through dynamic upsell recommendations and product options.
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Shipping & Delivery

Charge for delivery by area/zone, distance or a simple flat fee.
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Dynamic reports

Create powerful reports for unequaled performance insights.
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Product features

Offer a selection of options to customers and keep track of them in real-time.
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E-Commerce & POS

Book new orders online, over the phone and on-site.
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Customer contact suite

Send automated order confirmation, shipping/delivery status, return reminders, post-rental surveys and more!
Social media integrations, rentmy, rental business

Social media integrations

Connect with your Customers through social media integrations (including retargeting and product promotion options).
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User roles & permissions

Create and assign user roles & permissions (ideal for a distributed workforce).

Real-Time Cycle Booking and Payments

How does opening your email to find newly booked and paid rentals sound?  That’s exactly what RentMy can deliver!  RentMy manages real-time booking, payments, receipts and even SMS reminders.  It’s the rental inventory management system you’ve been searching for.

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It’s so easy to create & manage stores with RentMy

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In-Person, On-Site, or Online, Any Time

Growing your cycle rental company means having the freedom to manage your business from anywhere.

RentMy makes it easy for your customers to pick (and pay for) your cycle equipment anytime from anywhere.

The RentMy mobile-friendly point-of-sale and inventory manager makes running your business unbelievably easy, which means you never have miss a rental opportunity again.

Unique Features to Make Running Your Business Easier

Here are just a few of the powerful tools as a bike rental manager RentMy offers to make running and growing your business easier:

  • Customizable POS for rentals and sales
  • Digital signature capture on rental contracts and receipts
  • Individual cycle and groups/tours booking
  • Anytime and/or specific rental start time options
  • Track order history and maintenance on all of your products
  • Sales & inventory on-hand reports
  • Seasonal pricing options

We have thought of everything.  Try RentMy today to see the better option for growing your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A bike rental management system refers to a cloud-based computerized platform that can provide a complete package to operate your bike rental business automatically. The bike rental management system allows users to schedule and manage their reservations, inventory, deliveries, and maintenance. Moreover, you can easily handle all online bookings and manage all the customers who want to rent any bike through the bike rental management system. So, the bike rental management system is a completely automated system to track and operate the overall operation of your business. 

To operate your bike rental business, you need to integrate RentMy bike rental software. This bike rental software provides an automated system so that you can easily handle the overall activities from a single platform.  Also, you will get a responsive website with this automated system that will assist you in receiving online bookings or reservations. One of the most significant advantages of using bike rental software is that you do not need to handle the entire business manually; rather you will get an automated system to operate your business smartly.  

Yes, it is possible to assign barcodes to your bikes. You can easily integrate the barcode scanning system with your bike rental business. To get such kind of facilities, you can adopt RentMy rental business software because it has a barcode scanning system. As a result, you can separately purchase this feature which will save your cost. The barcode scanning system also helps to mitigate errors, and you can enter a large amount of data through this barcode scanning system. So, it will be effective to choose the RentMy software and you can easily integrate a barcode scanning system.


Why should You choose RentMy for bike rentals management?

If you have a bike rental business, you can integrate the RentMy bike rental management. The RentMy – Bike Rental Management allows you to get a complete package to operate your bike rental business automatically. Here, you will get various exclusive features such as asset tracking, real-time inventory, barcode scanning, customer management, POS billing, and so on.  Moreover, this software can generate real-time reposts that will assist you to observe the overall growth of your bike rental business. Also, it will support digital signatures that will ensure safety and rental agreements with an automated maintenance system.


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